Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Only The Beginning

There's a time to build up and a time to tear down. And we astrologers have been predicting that a lot of tearing down is about to happen.

And so now it's happening in several Arab countries, and we're cheering and sweating and feeling anxious for them. Whenever people rise up in revolution, we all rise up in spirit. We all owe our rights to crazy revolutionaries through the centuries. Some of them have died for causes that we now accept as our birthright.

And now - Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Tunisia, Jordan - it's happening again. Brave, angry individuals going out in the streets, hungry for social justice, knowing how easily they can be flattened by the weapons of the state. Behind them are the webs of organization, the connecting ideas that have always leaped from mind to mind at times of change, and that flow even more quickly using 21st century technology. It seems like a delicate safety-net, when helicopters are spraying bullets at people running like deer.

And yet people can be killed, but a passionately held idea is passed on endlessly and will keep moving forever. It's all we ever have, the belief that we deserve more authority over our own lives, and that we can handle more. And that it's time for this change.

And Uranus isn't even in Aries yet! I wonder what will happen next month, when it is?

Aries is the fiery sign of rebellion, of independence, of warriors and heroes and pioneers. And Jupiter, the planet of expansion, has been rushing quickly through Aries. Jupiter is acting as a herald for Uranus, showing us what the next seven years will bring, as Uranus moves through this sign.

Meanwhile, Saturn is progressing through Libra, the sign of equality, justice and balance, where it brings up questions around social responsibility. If Jupiter wasn't in fiery Aries, these questions would be settled mostly in the courts. But Jupiter in Aries is taking them to the streets, and Uranus in Aries will mean even greater numbers and more dramatic action.

We hold ordinary people in our minds, recognizing that they are always the core of change. They are the heroes. And yet, they are not different from us.

What do we want to change? Now is the time to think about that, to talk to each other, and to be ready. Because it is coming. That rumbling that you feel, that world-wide vibration, that's change.