Monday, August 1, 2022

A Clean Sweep


Lately, I’ve been going through my stuff, in preparation for moving. My past life is sifting through my hands, and not only my own life, but the lives of parents and grandparents and even great-grandparents. I see their pictures, their diaries, their poetry, and the documents that mark important moments in their lives. Not only that, but I’ve got fifty years of my own journals.


It’s a little overwhelming.  Everything around me has been overturned, re-positioned, spread out. And a lot of things have been thrown out. I threw out the workbooks from the German class I took more than a decade ago, deciding that I’ll never look at them again. I’m throwing out the Times Change reference books that I used every time I erected a natal chart, before I bought a computer program to do it for me, about twenty years ago. I’m tossing all the scrap paper that I’ve been saving, even though it’s only written on on one side, because I just don’t use that much paper any more.


While I’m at it, I should toss away all negative beliefs about change, and embrace Octavia Butler’s dictum, “The only lasting truth is Change.  God is Change.”


August is a month of change, because Uranus (planet of revolution) is conjunct the north lunar node, a karmic point. What this means is that we’ve reached some kind of inflection point. This conjunction happens about every fifteen years, and the last time it happened in Taurus was in 1855. That was the time when pro- and anti-slavery forces were battling it out in Kansas, and John Brown was active on the anti-slavery side. Civil war was brewing. People were reeling from the impact of the Fugitive Slave Law, and the Supreme Court was definitely not on the side of justice. There were still bloody wars against indigenous Americans as well.  In India, anti-British resentment was building, and would erupt into a massive rebellion in a couple of years. The Crimean War broke out too, with the Siege of Sevastopol echoing the current war in Ukraine.  


So there were tensions in 1855 which echo the tensions that we’re seeing today. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and conflict happens because everybody is attached to their little piece of the earth, and to their religions and prejudices, and to the patterns and habits that they’ve developed over the years. When there’s pressure to change, there’s a struggle. It’s not easy; it takes work to look realistically at what has changed, and what needs to change, and to move on from there.


Currently in the US, we’re dealing with some neo-fascist forces. They keep springing up, like mold spots in a closed-up closet.  Everything has to be taken out, cleaned off, and given a lot of air and light. Fascism only thrives in dank, oppressive conditions.


Mars is currently in Taurus, and it’s like an activation switch to that north node/Uranus conjunction. It sparks change, but because it’s in Taurus, the change has to be deep and wide, in order to hold its own against the resistance. But we’ve seen this in history many times. There’s progress, backlash, and more progress. We don’t step into the future, we stagger there.


This will be especially evident around August 4 to 10, when Mars squares Saturn, and we can expect quite a lot of drag. But mostly this month is full of movement. About halfway through August, Mars enters the zippy air sign Gemini, and so it escapes the gravitational pull of Saturn. It will be there throughout the winter. This is going to mean a lot more connecting, talking, thinking, reading, writing, driving, and zooming. An online existence is perfectly adapted to Mars in an air sign.


Air signs drift around, and don’t tend to put down roots. But on August 22, the sun will enter the earth sign Virgo, and that will help turn us back towards the earth, and to all the tasks that need to be done when summer ends. For me, my roots are still dangling in the air, as I whisk through papers, photos, books, and virtually everything I own. But maybe by then, my wife and I will have a sense of our next home. Maybe, instead of wiping dust off all these old possessions, I’ll be sweeping into a new space.