Friday, October 1, 2021

Fresh Air


Today, the first day of October, is one of those perfect days. Lately we’ve been bouncing between heat and AC, but sometimes we just get to open the windows and feel the breeze. As this intoxicating fresh air pours into the room where I’m working, it wakes me up and fills my head with ideas.   


Air is the medium in which things move most freely and quickly. In astrology, the air signs are connected to our mental functioning. I’ve always believed that thoughts are as real as bits of pollen, and that they fly through the air, looking for like thoughts and building new inspirations as they go.


And this is a very airy month, so there are tons of ideas floating around, waiting to be captured, ready to expand into amazing possibilities. Mercury spends the whole month in the air sign Libra, first going backwards and then (after October 18) forwards again. She touches other planets along her path, and since Libra is a very social sign, it’s almost as if she’s paying visits to old friends.


Mercury meets the moon when she’s new, on October 6.  The new moon is always a good time to set intentions, and it’s as if Mercury is there to make sure that nothing is left out of these lists. Retrograde Mercury harkens back to the past, and so she reminds the moon of the things that have been overlooked, forgotten, unfinished.  


Then Mercury continues on her backwards path, connecting with Mars and the sun. For a few days, around October 9, the three are together like long-lost friends. They represent mind, body, and ego, all aligned in Libra, the sign of harmony.  Mars’ job is to turn all of Mercury’s ideas into definite action, and the sun is about vision and inspiration.


This trio is like a neon sign flashing the Libran message, and the basic Libran message is to treat others as you would like to be treated by them. This doesn’t just show up in every religious text, but is the basis of every law and every civil agreement.  


Libra is a sign of harmony, but also a sign of justice and accountability, and as we know, accountability doesn’t make everyone feel peaceful. Especially in the US at this time, there are some bitter divisions between people, and it’s pretty rare that everybody gets in a circle and sings Kumbaya. Sometimes it seems like it only happens at times of disaster.


And yet, as human beings, we have no choice but to examine our actions and try to create a more civil and enlightened world. Everything we cherish, from an ordinary floor lamp to the Constitution, came about because somebody was working on a better way.  And so a retrograde Mercury in Libra is one of the best times to work for social justice, as well as to find the path to balance and fairness in our own lives.  


Aquarius is the other prominent air sign of October, with both Jupiter and Saturn placed here.  Both of them start out the month retrograde, and then turn direct. (Saturn does this on October 10, and Jupiter on October 18, the same day as Mercury.)


Aquarius is a fixed air sign, so it takes that free, airy energy and works on creating definite organizational systems from it. While Libra focuses mostly on the relationship between self and other, Aquarius is all about our relationship with the greater community. What are we building together?  What truths will hold the weight of our future?  


Aquarius is also a sign that’s oriented towards scientific understanding. With Saturn in this sign until March of 2023, we have a chance to look realistically at such issues as climate change, drug addiction, and economic inequality. Aquarius is inventive, inquisitive, oriented towards learning and teaching. So this is an excellent time to listen to innovative thinkers, to test theories, and to see what works.


Aquarius is all about challenging old belief systems, the ones that keep us burdened or afraid. There’s no shortage of these. Texas is trying to take us all back to a time when women wore crinolines, and bounty hunters stalked people for money. The ad campaign to de-legitimize democracy is going strong, with hucksters and criminals briskly funneling money into their own pockets. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has completely lost the respect it had when Ginsburg graced its bench.  


We all know that we have to treat each other better, and treat the earth better, to survive. And we really do know that there needs to be a complete overhaul of our civic and economic systems. Aquarius is the sign best equipped to draw the diagrams for the future. And Libra is the sign best equipped to meet people in the moment, and say, “I’m listening.”  


In the ways we think, and the ways we listen to the thoughts of others, we create our future. Our thoughts, whether we think or speak or write them, meet each other in the air, and form larger designs.  The bigger our ideas, the more we understand other people, the more abundant are the possibilities. Yes, we have a lot to learn and many problems to solve, but first, take a breath. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Weather Systems


I have no Ida where all this water is coming from. Ok, had to get that out of my system. Anyway, here in the DC area, we are dealing with lots of flooding, although we are nowhere near as bad off as New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana.


These are just the remnants of Ida, a sideways swipe from a massive storm. It woke us up at 3 am with ferocious thunder and streaks of lightning. Lying in bed, I thought about the layers and layers of swirling energy above us. On the average day, we never notice it. But air and water are always flowing up there, intermingling as they respond to the fire of the sun and the contours of the earth, and sometimes they just can’t be contained.  


This morning, I looked out the kitchen window to what used to be my yard, and saw a lake lapping calmly around the house, broken up by the little concentric circles of raindrops. Through the day, the yard has drained, only to be refilled with more rain. Our neighbor, the handyman, is helping us, getting ready to pump water out of our crawl space.  It will take a few days.


We are lucky and safe in our little island house, but others in our area have suffered more. Thousands have lost power. And I see pictures of rescue workers in inflatable boats, helping people trapped in basement-level apartments. These are people who woke up to water rising around their beds.


This is a soggy beginning for this new month, a month that traditionally brings a sense of new beginnings, as many kids go back to school.  But September is very tentative this year. Parents are anxious about sending their children off, worrying that they will be attacked by something no-one can see, a deadly virus.  How can you protect yourself or your loved ones against an invisible assailant? Meanwhile, there’s this background drumbeat of folks complaining about masks and vaccinations, fighting them instead of the disease.    


Astrologically speaking, this September is not really a forward-looking time. This month, all the outer planets are retrograde, and at the end of the month, Mercury joins them. Retrograde planets signal times of pausing and rechecking, fixing and mending, adjusting and reorganizing, taking stock of the situation.  In September, it will be all about figuring out where we are.


When we look ahead, we see only a little ways, but when we look behind, we can see for miles. Of course, it’s not always easy to look clearly at our history, especially as a country, and much of it has barely been written about. But perhaps in the struggles of the past, we can find some of the answers to our present-day polarization.  Maybe we can tease out the various threads and unsnarl this bitter knot.  


I’m by no means opposed to general skepticism of government intentions, but I’m on the side of those who wear masks and get vaccinations. From here, the anti-vaxxers seem aligned to some weird conspiracies, to Trump, and to the waving of Confederate and Nazi flags.  And after the Trump years, I have a tendency to bunch all these folks together as the worst kind of white people – that is, those deeply and emotionally wedded to their arbitrary hierarchies.  


But is it that simple? Should I be clumping these folks together?  Is the real problem this “us vs. them” mentality?  It’s so easy to label big groups in derogatory ways, but if I don’t resist this tendency, how can I ask anyone else to do so?  On the other hand, what about accountability? When it comes to trying to figure out my political opposites, I’ve got a good angel on one shoulder and a bad angel on the other, and my problem is that I’m not sure which is which.


At least, I have some inkling about why I’m so confused. Neptune is the planet of confusion, and as September begins, Mars is opposing it.  So I’m not the only one going around in circles this week. Mars is the planet of anger, retribution, violence, and righteous indignation, so it gives me a strong desire to place the blame somewhere. One angel is telling me that the anti-vaxxers, and even more the anti-maskers, are criminal, for putting so many other people in danger. The other angel is telling me that a judgmental attitude won’t solve any problems, least of all social ones.   


And yes, this is also a month with a strong Libra influence. As it begins, Mercury and Venus are in Libra, and when it ends, the sun, Mercury and Mars are in this idealistic air sign. Libra is always about weighing things, trying to find an ethical balance between two unlike things. And it gives a tendency to bounce back and forth, like a tennis ball bounding over a net. You think of something, and then you consider the opposite.  The hope is that eventually an argument comes to rest in a place that’s fair to both sides. (But what if it doesn’t?  What if each dispute just changes form into another dispute?)


This month, all the inner planets are bunched on one side of the earth, and all the outer planets on the other. The inner planets come out in the daytime, while the outer planets come out at night. The inner planets represent our ordinary day-to-day lives: our words, our feelings, our habits. The outer planets represent forces that are beyond our control, and often beyond our consciousness:  the larger circles of history, the ancient looming gods in our psyches, the drive towards the future, the inevitability of evolution.


But all through the month, the inner planets make aspects to the outer planets, working to connect.  We want to go beyond our narrow confines, our houses wrapped up in weather systems we don’t understand, our angry groups maligning each other, our sense of separation from whatever is coming our way.  


But all we can do is keep moving towards it, whatever it is. Like the weather, we are all changing together, reacting against each other, breaking out into storms and subsiding into peace. At least we can hope that, in the land where we’re bound, there will be some peace.    


Monday, August 2, 2021

Pride and Change


This is a peculiar summer, since we’re all half-in, half-out. For a while there, we were almost out in the world. People got vaccinated, the virus receded, folks emerged from their shells, and it was looking good. And then people resisted vaccination, a more contagious variant of the virus appeared, and since the non-vaxxers are also non-maskers, they’ve been stricken in large numbers.


We feel for these folks, since we know circles of suffering tend to radiate outward. At the same time, there’s some anger at the unnecessary sacrifice of lives, and the temptation to point blame somewhere. Right-wing politicians who’ve promoted increasing suspicion? Or years of blithe corruption by the ruling class?  


It does make me wonder about the human instinct for self-preservation. But I think humans are always providing proof that other things matter more to us than our own lives. One of those things is pride, and this is especially strong now, with the sun and Mercury in Leo. Pride is the belief in one’s own personal specialness.  Pride is goading the gods. Ha! Throw your thunderbolt my way, I side-step! No, I won’t wear a mask. Because I want everyone to see my glorious face, that’s why.  


Pride convinces people to go to war, which means standing in one place with other people shooting at you – which seems kind of crazy on the face of it. Pride has convinced humans for years that we’re just the best darned species that nature ever created, in spite of evidence to the contrary. National pride is all about jumping up and down and waving flags, not trying to improve conditions in the place you live.


But pride takes a beating in August, with the sun and Mercury in Leo opposing first Saturn and then Jupiter, both in Aquarius. Aquarius represents the community, while Saturn is the reality principle and Jupiter has to do with excesses and over-confidence. So the “special me” comes strutting up, and finds itself bumping up against a larger reality. Yes, there are a whole bunch of people walking around, infected with a virus which could kill you. It’s invisible, it’s airborne (Aquarius is an air sign), it’s part of your community, and it could reduce you to one of those faceless, ventilator-huffing bodies in a bed.


As the statistics circulate, those who aren’t too caught up in the magic of their own personal wonderfulness are looking around, going “Wait, what?” and starting to take more precautions. It’s irritating, after all this time in limited spaces, but sometimes limits keep you alive.


However, just being cautious isn’t enough, since the sun/Mercury in Leo are also contending with the wild rebel planet, Uranus, early this month.  Uranus is the planet of sudden change, and, in the earth sign Taurus, it can appear as the avalanche, or the whirlwind, or the flood, or the forest fire. And although these can seem like purely random events – natural disasters -  we know by now that human beings have our thumbs on the scale, when it comes to most weather events.


The new moon, on August 8, is dominated by these squares between Leo and Taurus, setting the tone for the next lunar cycle. And so there will be lots of lessons for us, involving our place in the natural world. Climate change and the virus bring up questions around our resources, our webs of support, and our ability to adapt.


All the signs I’ve mentioned are fixed signs, and adaptation is not easy. It means leaving behind deeply-rooted beliefs, as well as cherished images of who we are. Sometimes it seems like we humans want our time on earth to be brief and flashy, six million years of neon hubris and then a grand exit like a Cecil B. DeMille movie. Who were we?  Ah, those humans - a glorious but unsustainable experiment.


Luckily, this month, there’s a strong Virgo presence in the sky, especially in mid-month. An earth sign, Virgo represents the workers of this world, the ones who actually do all the things that other people take credit for. Virgo emphasizes healthy living and sensible solutions. It’s a mutable sign, meaning that it’s responsive to the environment, able to change according to material requirements.  


And this month, three Virgo planets make trines  - harmonious aspects -  to rowdy Uranus, giving this planet some more positive outlets. Uranus can be symbolized by the jolt of electricity, but it’s also the flash of creativity. And these earthy trines to Uranus give practical creativity, so there will be a lot of useful problem-solving this month. Some of this will come from scientists in cold labs, and some of it from gardeners, craftspeople, and backyard tinkerers.  


Uranus in Taurus is like a ferocious hairy mammoth, and at the beginning of the month, it’s ready to devour everyone. But by the end of the month, those Virgo planets, using patience and careful observation, have it tamed. It may still jump on you, and leave you sprawling in the grass, but it won’t finish you off. People in general will be more willing to work together towards rational and mutually beneficial ends. And when it comes to tricky weather patterns, things may be gentler after mid-month.


There’s still some tension between Virgo and Aquarius though, as August goes on. This isn’t an easy combo, and different people in your life can represent either the Virgo or the Aquarius viewpoint. Virgo wants to fix things right now, while Aquarius is more idealistic, and wants systems that will move us all into a better future.


Virgo can’t stop dissecting every little thing to get at the flaws, and then putting it back together in a better way. Aquarius can be wildly inventive, way ahead of the times, and completely okay with shocking more conventional people. They can differ on how to do things in the moment (and this is always more important to Virgo) as well as what the ultimate meaning is (and this is always most important to Aquarius).


Together, they can be a formidable duo, and so integrating these energies is a worthwhile goal for August. And if you can find both Virgo and Aquarius traits within yourself, you can be both an indefatigable worker and a brilliant theorist. You can face the realities of the moment, while at the same time, daring to build a very different future.  



Thursday, July 1, 2021

Happy Fourth!


I have such a good reason to celebrate July 4 this year.  In fact, my wife and I are planning to go to a nice little out-of-the-way place where we can watch some fireworks and toast the Constitution, that slippery document full of idealistic notions and weary compromises.


I’m not the most patriotic person in the world, having spent about half my life living overseas. But I’ve been living in this country now for nine years. And once I moved here, one of the first things I did was get married (legally, this time) to the woman who has been by my side for the last 35 years.


So thank you to the Supremes - my fallen hero, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, plus Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer, and Anthony Kennedy – who voted for my right to marry.  Thanks for believing that I have a right to the pursuit of happiness.  And now, after all this time, my wife is also a citizen of the US. She was always an American, but now she’s a Unitedstatesian. (I am hoping this word will catch on, so please promote it for me.)   


There are a lot of things that are starting to happen, now that Mercury is direct again, and now that the Saturn/Uranus square is breaking up (although only temporarily).  Here in Maryland, masks are coming off, and restaurants and theatres are opening. This is why we can celebrate out in the world, rather than having bubbly in our bubble.  This is a new year for us, our first year as citizens of the same country.


However, a lot of the movement these days is corrective. We’re all still recovering from a period of political trauma, as well as the sorrow and fear of the pandemic. Mercury is direct in July, and this keeps things clicking along. But currently, all the outer planets except Uranus are retrograde, and Uranus is slowing down to retrograde in August. So we are trying to make up for ground that we’ve lost. There is still so much to do, and there’s a will to do it.


To fix what’s broken, people need to be held accountable, and that’s a slow process. However, it is starting. The Trump organization has just been charged with tax fraud, and its CFO was in court today trying to explain why he didn’t have to fork out any money for his electric bill, car payments, apartment rental, holiday vacations, and the other things that exist in the budgets of the simple folk.  Here we see some of the first cracks in this tower of illusions and corruption.  


And as Trump’s empire collapses, that condo in Florida just collapsed, trapping more than a hundred people. I’m sure that will jar more people into realizing that infrastructure is not purely theoretical. It’s about concrete and air and water. Maybe they’ll write their congresspeople, and suggest that something needs to be done, now?


There are a lot of things that we’ve thought of as fixed, that are now in flux. But it’s a constant wrangle. Even though the Saturn/Uranus square is no longer so tight, and it will keep loosening until October, there are still impasses. There are still plenty of people wedded to the status quo, deathly afraid of losing money, status or power.


In the House, things are busy. I keep getting notices that my congressman, Rep. Jamie Raskin, is voting on one bill after another, and all these bills pass. Sometimes the margins are slim, it’s true. The Republicans vote to keep Confederate statues in the Capitol, to ignore methane emissions, and to let military operations in the Middle East continue indefinitely. They are pretty much okay with giving gold medals to the Capitol police who defended their lives in the January 6 riot, but definitely not in favor of any efforts to find out what the heck happened there.  


But in the Senate, the filibuster hangs over every bill like a guillotine blade. Even so, they’re negotiating, and infrastructure bills are weaving in and out of the picture. And even though the Voting Rights bill failed, it isn’t going to die. It will come up again and again, in slightly different forms, like the demons rustling in the curtains in Mitch McConnell’s bedroom.


Democracy is clearly as dangerous now as it was when the Constitution was written. We can tell that by the way they keep trying to suppress it. It’s not a miracle cure for everything that ails us, but it’s a good tool, something we can work with – and towards – and then with, again.


We still have so much to do. But in my house, we just added a new voter to the country. My wife and I watched Joe Biden’s little address to new citizens, and I have to say, I got kind of teary eyed. I’m ready to pop the cork, to toast this country, and to look up in the sky and say “Oooooh!”  Happy fourth of July!    

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Buzz of Thought


The rising and falling buzz of cicadas fills the air today. This spring has been cold, and for the last few days, we’ve had the heat on, and the cicadas have been dormant. Today it’s gone up to 79°F, and I can see them looping through the air in front of my window. Many of them are the size of hummingbirds, but their flight pattern is very different, wild and zany. They careen along from one tree to the next, in search of love, or fun, or maybe just a really great tree.


We humans in this house are also coming to life, after the stasis of the pandemic. Just a few days ago, my wife and I went out and had an unmasked visit with a friend, complete with hugs. It was just like the old days, when people weren’t afraid of each other.


It’s a good month to reclaim lost territory, since Mercury will be retrograde almost all of June. Even after it goes direct on June 22, it will amble along quite slowly for another week. This is a good time to go back and pick up all the pieces that you’ve dropped along the way. This could include the relationships you’ve ignored, the words you haven’t said, and the longings you’ve swatted down.


But I have to warn you that it will be very easy to get distracted this month. You may go back to pick up some shiny thing you’ve dropped, and then find yourself wandering around in somebody’s back garden for days. That’s because Mercury is in the very mercurial sign Gemini, and it stays within 7° of a square to Neptune the whole month.


So your mind can’t be roped down this month, but will take the long way through every maze you come across. This isn’t easy for those of you who just want to get from Point A to Point B, but you may sometimes find that the backwoods path will also take you to Point B, although you may have forgotten why you wanted to go there.  


Neptune is the planet of imagination, illusions, hypnosis, fascinations, glamours, and addictions. Neptune and Mercury vie for the title of Trickster planet, and with the two of them in aspect all month, you can’t believe everything you see or hear. You’ll need to keep your wits about you.


The new moon on June 10 brings an eclipse, and again, there’s a very mercurial focus, with Mercury in Gemini nestled in with the sun and moon. You can expect an explosion of ideas, brainstorms, verbal power. Words sometimes seem like the most transient thing in the universe, constantly vanishing in the air. Even written words are common as ants. But like ants, they can form structures and patterns that last a long time.


And so this is the essence of this eclipse: the burgeoning idea, passed from mind to mind. At the same time, with that square to Neptune – less than 3° away from Mercury at the new moon – there’s always somebody who’s going to take your idea and twist it around. There’s no piece of information that doesn’t spawn a hundred distortions.


But there are some ideas that are meant to burst forth at this time. With Mercury retrograde, these ideas don’t have to be brand-new. Some of them have lived among us for centuries, a low-key hum in our ears. Often knowledge emerges from the earth, like the ancestors found in the African Burial Grounds in the middle of New York City. Buried information dusts itself off and enters the village square.


This is the meaning of this month’s eclipse: to renew, to remember, and to pass along. It’s not altogether an easy month, with Saturn and Uranus again squaring each other in mid-June. There’s a continuing fixed battle between inertia and progress, and we definitely see this in Congress, as the Republicans steadily block everything that comes their way. But as frustrating as this is, it doesn’t signify that nothing is moving.


We are moving all the time. Reaching out towards each other, minds open, thoughts dancing, discovering and rediscovering what is beautiful and real. Learning how to clear away the cobwebs of illusion and see truly – into ourselves, each other, and our world.

Friday, April 30, 2021

The Novelty of Sanity


A couple of nights ago, my wife and I snuggled together in bed for the evening’s entertainment, mainly watching the president give a speech to Congress. This is definitely not something we would’ve done in the last administration, not unless we wanted nightmares.


And afterwards, we turned to each other and commented, “He’s so normal!” “So sane!” This is still a novelty, a hundred days into Biden’s presidency. We just can’t get over it.


Biden wasn’t my first choice, back in the days when we had a whole roster of Democratic candidates to pick from. But I have to say I’m happy with him now. It’s clear that he’s working on what he promised to do. He’s gotten one constructive bill passed, and is putting forward others that are good for workers and the environment. Just the fact that he’s working, of course, is the most dramatic contrast between him and the previous occupant, who spent his days playing golf, watching TV, and vigorously massaging his own ego.


With Jupiter and Saturn now in Aquarius, social progress continues. Derek Chauvin’s conviction on a murder charge was ground-breaking, even though it left a lot of people exhausted and wondering what it would really change. After all, it’s just one man going to jail, while there are no doubt still a thousand white bullies out on the street, wearing guns and acting out their fear of brown skin.


But I’ve seen a lot of changes happening in this long life of mine. And even when there’s a definite victory, nothing changes right away. A law that passes, a good person that’s elected, a verdict that’s fair  – these things are celebrated and then forgotten. And then change seeps through, years pass, and you wake up one morning, and realize that it’s different. And it’s never different now. Now is just now. What you realize is that it used to be different.


Of course, there are also cataclysmic moments, when things take a sharp turn in an unexpected direction. These are the traumas carried for generations, never forgotten, only healed by years of peace and security. I think it’s easier to heal when you’re brought down by the elements, by fire or flood or a shaking earth, and much harder when you’re betrayed by other human beings.  These cataclysmic moments are often the impetus for the years of hard work that culminate in an election, a law, or a trial.


Aquarius is an air sign, cerebral, idealistic, and systematic, and its focus is on the wellbeing of the community. So this is an ideal time to move forward, to make as much progress as we can. This doesn’t heal all the traumas of the past, but it could help prevent some new ones from developing.


And yes, there continue to be blockages. Pluto is still in Capricorn, and Uranus is moving through the fixed earth sign Taurus. Uranus’ job is to keep us off balance, and lately it mostly seems to be taking the form of right-wing shock tactics. Uranus in Taurus is a contradiction, the rebel planet in the most change-resistant sign.


Will we be able to keep up the momentum on social reform, given these fierce pockets of resistance?  Will we be able to make change that lasts, change that heals?  Will we be able to create a new normal, in which people can wake up, stretch, and forget that it was any other way?


Jupiter is moving very quickly these days, and halfway through May, it enters a new sign, Pisces. It will only be here for a couple of months before retrograding back to Aquarius in late July and staying there the rest of the year. But it’s a little glimpse of the future, a look at what 2022 will be like.


I have two minds about Jupiter in Pisces, and that figures, since this sign is represented by two fish swimming in different directions. On the one hand, it’s the most spiritual and emotionally sensitive sign in the zodiac, and it could be deeply healing. It could foster a spirit of compassion that we haven’t seen in a while. It’s the nature of Pisces to dissolve the walls between people, to blur the differences, to see through to the soul.  


On the other hand, Pisces is also a sign that moves quite easily into a wholly different reality. It’s a sign that gives a particularly vivid imagination. Neptune has been there for the last decade, and during this time, strange conspiracy theories have sprouted up like mutant dandelions. Will this increase when Jupiter is in Pisces?  Yes, probably.  


What can we do about it?  Well, it will help that Saturn is still in Aquarius for another couple of years. Saturn gives a little bit more intellectual ballast. It asks you to run your beliefs through a rigorous line of questioning, and some people will be daunted by a few undeniable facts. But when people really, really want to believe something, it doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not. All that matters is that it makes them feel better or more important, or it justifies something they grew up believing.   


And remember, it’s not just on the right that Neptune’s fantasies can proliferate. On the left too, we can be seduced by a patina of holiness, a tendency to over-idealize singular charismatic figures. We have to be careful not to turn into true believers.


We’ve got some wonderful, inspiring people on the left, and we can appreciate the work done by all kinds of people, elected and unelected.  But no one person is going to magically turn this thing around.  Let’s just hope for ordinary people who want to devote their energy to the common good. Let’s just hope for continued sanity.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Going Somewhere


Spring is officially here, but it’s not yet warm enough to open the windows and feel the breeze, at least not here in Maryland.  It’s a transitional time. We’re all in the middle of a seasonal shift. We’re going somewhere, but we’re not there yet.


On the evening news, I hear that there are new surges of Covid-19. I see young people partying in Florida without masks or social distancing. At the same time, I hear of more friends getting vaccinated every day. I’ve gotten my two shots, without anything much in the way of side effects, and my wife is supposed to be vaccinated this weekend.


So I feel safer. But I also feel like someone who has just sidled past a sleeping lion, and is just lucky that it didn’t blink awake at that crucial moment. I’ve never been so aware of being mortal. That’s partly because I’ve lost loved ones this past year, and others are still in danger. Not everyone has made it past the lion.


We who are still upright on this planet look at each other, check each other out, breathe a sigh of relief at the sight of each other’s faces. It won’t be too long before we’ll be able to appear to each other in three-dimensional form, wonderfully solid. It will be strange, as if a bunch of cartoons suddenly came to life, but I daresay we’ll get used to it!


This is the thing about spring. During the winter, everything is theoretical. Trees are reduced to bones, and flowers occupy a niche in our memory. In spring, all that theory becomes reality. There are buds everywhere. They’re alive, exuberant, immediate, and right on time. Every time I go outside, I see more of them, and I know that pretty soon my study window, now grey and flecked with rain, will be a mass of green.   


In April, there’s more momentum than we’ve seen in a while. It’s not just the drive to get everyone vaccinated. We also have this new Democratic muscle in Congress, and we just saw the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act. Today Biden unveiled a new infrastructure plan, full of great, practical initiatives. What kind of legs does it have? We’ll have to see.  


An abundance of new ideas are circulating. Aries is the sign of new beginnings, and the sun and Venus in Aries give fiery energy to every new possibility. And Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all in air signs – verbal, thoughtful, idealistic, socially aware. All these influences are excellent for problem-solving, studying, planning, debating, and working out agreements. It looks like something can happen, right? All these forces point to movement and manifestation.  


And yet there are also those static forces, holding everything back. The Covid bill was passed without a single Republican vote. And then there’s the voter suppression bill that was passed in Georgia a few days ago. There is a whole phalanx of people who are digging their feet in, putting all their energy (and lots of money) into resisting the forces of change.  


And I can’t say that these people won’t be in power again. It’s true that the political tide ebbs and flows, even though I believe that the long-range trend is towards freedom, justice and equality.  


The thing is that none of the outer planets are in particularly revolutionary signs these days. The overall energy is still conservative, for at least a few more years. And with Uranus, the rebel planet, in the fixed earth sign Taurus, there is a cadre of revolutionary conservatives, as contradictory as that sounds.


These folks want the world to freeze into a particular configuration that favors them. They want a world in which white people have all the power (and no ownership of their past actions), women know their place, gay people are hidden away, and there are definitely no trans people.  In fact, they don’t want anybody around who makes them feel uncomfortable. And they are willing to turn the world upside down and shake it to the point of apoplexy, to make it this way.


So, yes, grab on to something solid. Because we may see a lot of these people when Mercury, Venus and then the sun all meet Uranus during the last week of April. The full moon of April 26 is turbulent, and a lot of survival issues could come up around that time.


Still, I believe that, on some etheric level, the world’s minds are working together to solve all the world’s problems. This is a matter of faith, not evidence, because our species has knotted things up quite often, and sometimes in spectacular ways. Still, sometimes I tune into that buzzing network of hopes, dreams, illusions, breakthroughs, and expertise, and I’m suitably impressed. I’m not sure exactly where we’re going. But it’s not static.    

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Great Balls of Fire


The sun’s out today and it’s glorious. In case you’ve forgotten what the sun is, it’s this big round ball up in the sky that makes everything glow. The earth turns slowly, soaking it up from every angle, enjoying all those rays crunching along its spine like a good massage. As the earth turns, the glow changes color, going from pure brightness to old gold. And we earthly creatures are charged, enlightened, and healed.


And I hear it’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow too.


I know there are still plenty of problems in the world. The Covid Relief bill is still being wrangled through Congress as I speak, and people are very ticked that the $15 minimum raise won’t be included. And of course, they’re right to be angry that a bunch of millionaires are making it tougher for working people to feed their families.   


Still, the idea of Congress doing anything at all – passing an actual bill – seems like a miracle to me, at this point. For the last few years, the House has been busy sending bills to languish and die in the Senate. So now that Congress is about to pass something that will aid actual people, I can’t help but cheer.   


And yes, I know how slim the Democratic majority is, how it’s hanging on by a thread, even though it represents the will of the people. I know that the Republicans are responding to their losses by coming up with voter suppression bills. But I’m still optimistic, especially when I think of how the demographic in this country is changing.   


There’s an astrological reason to be hopeful, too. The fixed Saturn/Uranus square, which was strong all last month, is at last breaking up. This aspect has manifested as a tense stand-off between the past and the future, between rigidity and revolution, between order and chaos. On the one side was fear, and on the other, wild restlessness. And many of us could feel both at once, in our personal lives and in the political sphere.  


The political parties have been so divided, especially since the Republicans – formerly a bunch of conservatives – took such a wild swing into Crazytown, following their fearless leader, the champ of delusion. Meanwhile, the Dems have become more moderate, and are focused on science, the rule of law, the Constitution, and a basically realistic approach.


The Democratic leadership has also become more responsive to its large Black voting base, and I think this helps a lot with the realism. Survival is all about strategy, and Black people in this country have had a lot of years to master this. Picking your battles carefully, learning from both failures and successes, you live to fight another day, and your children’s children survive as well.  


Whatever is driving this new, more grounded approach, it means that a lot of us are tentatively exhaling, for the first time in a while. Things can change for the better, even though that means constant negotiating and compromising. There’s progress, even if it’s inch by inch. There are some safeguards, even if they just consist of a few more sane people in higher positions.


Yes, I know that the Saturn/Uranus square will come back twice more this year, once in June and once in December.  So we will be dealing with some very stubborn conflicts all through 2021, whenever we move forward. I know that there will be young white guys slinging guns on themselves, looking at the mirror, and thinking they can get away with anything. And there will be old white guys who will be crafting lies to feed them.


And even though things improve in March, there will still be plenty of activity in Crazytown, since there will be strong Pisces and Neptune influences. Neptune is the planet of delusion and illusion, fantasy and mirages, tricksters and con artists. So some folks will really ramp it up, using their amazing creative gifts to convince other people that Democrats have a gigantic sucking space ray that will seize their guns, and probably their grandmother’s china as well. And people who are afraid of something, but aren’t sure what, will leap at the chance to put a face on their fears.


But Neptune is also the planet of spiritual growth, and so people will be praying, and meditating, and trancing themselves out in various ways, and many of these people will happen across a cavity somewhere in their chest area. And when they investigate, they may find it’s overflowing with this amazing, beautiful energy. They'll feel the love pouring forth -  for their neighbor, for the planet, for all people, even those they thought were their enemy.


It could happen. In March, some shutters could open wide, and some people lean out their windows, and feel the heat of the sun. We could all forget our differences, and just let it pour down on us.  



Monday, February 1, 2021

A Changing Landscape


There’s so much going on, so many changes. Last month, I couldn’t write, though. Just as 2020 came to an end, my only brother died, and I was flattened into silence. It’s still hard to believe, but it’s time to climb out of this hole and look around again.


There are some things that are the same about this landscape. Covid-19 is even more lethal, but now there are vaccines, and they’re being distributed, if slowly and imperfectly. It was the promise of Saturn and Jupiter both going into Aquarius, that science would once again be respected.


Science, truth, information – these things comprise the home turf of Aquarius. As a fixed air sign, Aquarius’ role in the zodiac is to pin down what’s true, and to promote it. This involves experimentation, research, and a willingness to consider every possible idea, which is why Aquarians are often seen as wild, different, far-out, or outrageous.  


And of course, many Aquarians are harassed or persecuted during their lives, because they’re several steps ahead of everyone else.  People with the sun in Aquarius like Charles Darwin, Susan B. Anthony, Betty Friedan, Huey Newton, and Angela Davis. Or people with Aquarius rising like Thomas Jefferson, Karl Marx, Emmeline Pankhurst, Thoreau, Ralph Nader, or Barack Obama.


Of course, not all Aquarians are progressives. Their most common trait is a willingness to argue everybody else into the ground, based on the truths that they have determined. Most Aquarians are open-minded enough to take new evidence into account, and change their minds if necessary. But if they held their positions lightly, they wouldn’t be as effective in making change in the world.


February is a very Aquarian month. It begins with the sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn all in this sign. Mercury spends the whole of February in Aquarius, mostly retrograde. The old order is represented only by Pluto in Capricorn.  


When the Capitol was stormed, on January 6, this Aquarian surge had only just begun, with Jupiter and Saturn there. Capricorn was still the dominant influence.  You can see that event as a threshold event between the old and the new. As the face of the old order, Trump was holding on to the past with everything he had. But Democracy itself is an Aquarian phenomenon, and we were moving inexorably into the new Aquarian phase.


Of course, what we know in this country as democracy is not a purebred beast, any more than all those Aquarians I mentioned were wholly dedicated to a progressive vision. There is no purity, except in the dreams of idealists. Everything on this earth is mixed – every person, every idea, every manifestation.  


And yet, mixed as all manifestations are, there is always something that predominates and that gives things their shape. And so the democracy that we have, here in the US, flawed as it is, has a rock-hard concept at its core. It’s fixed, just like the fixed air sign Aquarius. It’s a stubborn belief that people should choose their leaders, and it took more than Trump’s scattered and ill-organized power plays to upend it.


And now that democracy has shown itself strong enough for another go-around, now that Aquarian principles have prevailed, where do we go from here?  Joe Biden has gotten a good start in the two weeks since taking office, getting rid of some of Trump’s most damaging mandates, via executive orders. Correcting old injustices is an excellent use of a Mercury retrograde. McConnell tried a feint, which didn’t work. And now there’s a Covid-19 relief bill being wrangled in Congress.


Joe Biden, by the way, has no planets in Aquarius, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. We all knew he wasn’t a trailblazer. He does have his sun and moon in fixed signs, however, and so he has the ability to stick to a position, once he’s taken it. Kamala Harris, on the other hand, has Saturn in Aquarius right at the top of her chart, forming a great trine with her sun and ascendent, so she is very much attuned to this moment in history, and she has both the forward vision and the determination to make things happen. Of course, she has a more pivotal role than most vice-presidents, as the deciding vote in Congress.  


I wish I could say that it will all be smooth sailing from here on out, but there’s a very sharp, divisive aspect affecting us all this month: the square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. Saturn is generally the rigid, conservative planet, but now it’s in a progressive, enlightened sign. Uranus is the rebel planet, but now it’s in a solid, earthy sign. What this means is that the progressives are the mature, grown-up ones these days, while the conservatives are the ones acting wild and crazy.  


It’s easy to become fascinated with Q-Anon and their ilk, just because they’re so strange. On Inauguration Day, I was mesmerized by the stories about them sitting around their TVs, just like I was. But where I was admiring Michelle Obama’s outfit, and enjoying Lady Gaga’s voice, and getting all excited about Kamala being sworn in by Sonia Sotomayor, they were on the edge of their seats, expecting all the Democrats to be arrested and dragged away any minute. Then they were all disillusioned that it didn’t happen.


The cruelty of the Trump era is what I see reflected in his followers, including the ones who are inhabiting their own alternative realities. And these are strange times we live in, when the headwinds of change have to blow so strongly, and overcome so much resistance, just to promote policies that aren’t cruel. The bottom line is that we all have the right to live, to love each other, and to vote.  Why is that so controversial?